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Land of the Rising Shogun - Day 1 in Tempe Pics

Shohei Ohtani’s first day at work, accompanied by the 2018 Los Angeles Angels Pitchers and Catchers

On a SHOwery February morning today, Valentine’s Day, the 2018 Los Angeles Angels pitchers and catchers had their first workout. Here is a link for some (many) of the best pictures of the practice.

This winter’s day seemed to be two separate events. The first happening was the typical Los Angeles Angels workout in Tempe, with mostly friendly faces returning, and also as usual a few new arms, and a new catcher or two.

The main event today though was the Shohei Show – arriving!, warming up!, throwing!, fielding!, hitting!, running! presser! ……all accompanied by a frenzied media and a handful of fans from Japan, the USA, and the world.

This is your first day of Angel baseball in 2018. This is your Angel Spring in 2018. Enjoy.

And on the last day of Angel baseball in 2018? They hand us that trophy. Again.