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Angels players out of Options

These are the players who have no Major League options left

MLB: Spring Training-San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Angels Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

When you are out of Major League Options, teams pretty much have 3 choices: Add you to the 25 man roster, trade you, or place you on waivers. The first two are pretty self explanatory and the third means that any other team can claim you - and if they don’t - then the team can stash you back in the minors. Of course, if you have 5 year of MLB service, you can refuse a minor assignment and thus would become a free agent.

Let’s take a look at the out of option guys on the Angels and what might happen to them:

J.C. Ramirez: Out of options but he’s not going anywhere. Ramirez is a likely rotation candidate and could be a key starter this season.
Verdict: Staying

Cam Bedrosian: Not going anywhere. If fact, Bedrosian is one of the candidates for the closer role - assuming Scioscia has a specific person for that job this year.
Verdict: Staying

Blake Parker: He’s had a rough spring but he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Parker, like Bedrosian, could figure into a closing role but if he gets his form back, I’m thinking he lines up in the 7th and/or 8th innings.
Verdict: Staying

Jose Alvarez: The only southpaw in the pen has his job locked in and a strong spring showing so far is a good sign.
Verdict: Staying

Noe Ramirez: He’s had a pretty good spring and did well for the Angels in 10 appearances last season. At this point he looks to be a key member of the 2018 bullpen.
Verdict: Likely Staying

Alex Meyer: Going on the DL doesn’t take up a roster spot and keeps you “active” so the lack of options is not an issue for Meyer, who will not pitch this season.
Verdict: Staying

Carlos Perez: I don’t see a scenario where Perez lands on the roster. I’m not sure the Angels have any dance partners or he’d already be traded. There is a chance he’ll clear waivers and end up back in AAA and he doesn’t have enough service time to refuse a minor league assignment.
Verdict: Going, going, gone (from the active roster)

Jefry Marte: Marte had a hot start to his spring but some back luck with an injury may have cost him a spot on the roster. There is still time to prove himself if he comes back soon but if not, he’s outta here and the Angels could go another direction with that bench spot (like Colin Walsh).
Verdict: Going, going, gone

Rymer Liriano: These next 3 guys signed minor league deals and aren’t on the 40 man roster so the lack of options doesn’t apply to them UNLESS/UNTIL they get called up. Liriano should be a lock to start in Salt Lake.
Verdict: N/A

John Lamb: He’s the one most likely to claim a roster spot of these last 3 guys. The Angels could probably use him as a long man out of the pen and he’s been proving his worth (mostly) so far.
Verdict: N/A

Ian Krol: Krol hasn’t been very impressive in spring and has already punched his ticket to Salt Lake.
Verdict: N/A