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Former Angel Huston Street is done with pro baseball - maybe

Huston Street is done playing pro baseball - unless he isn’t

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes we all wonder what happens to former Angels players - right? In this case, most fans were probably not sad to see Huston Street go after he struggled through injuries to end the 3rd and 4th years of his 4 year Angels contract. In fact, Street only tossed 4 innings in 2017 and just 22 in 2016 while the Angels forked out 17 million for those services.

There hasn’t been a peep out of the Street camp all off season, but I stumbled on an article from the Austin American-Statesman that sheds some light on Street’s plans.

He didn’t seem to have any plans to compete for a roster spot this past off season but seems willing to get picked up on a “winning” team around midseason.

“I think losing is an absolute waste of time,” the bearded, tanned Street said. “Other teams are willing to sign me (to minor-league, make-good contracts). Losing teams. But I don’t want to BS anybody. It’s February, and I’m not ready. But if the phone rings, I want to be prepared.”

Apparently, playing for the Houston Astros is one such offer that might pull Street out of his possibly soon-to-be retirement.

Huston’s big heart is tugged in different directions. Winning means that much to him, and in a perfect world, he’d join the Astros in late summer and help them toward a second title. He and his wife even bought a house in Houston last summer, a week before Hurricane Harvey hit, so you know he’s given this some thought.

Love him or hate him (maybe some of the later the past two years), it’s a tough battle every baseball player has at some point in their career. Do they keep that competitive streak alive and try to make one more playoff run for an ultimate goal of winning the World Series? OR, do they realize the time has come for them to ride off into the sunset, bask is the millions of dollars they’ve made, and start the next chapter in their lives.