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Over/Under: Angels 87.5 Wins

Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

For or our last installment of the series, let’s take all those individual predictions and apply them to the team as a whole.

In 2017 the Angels finished 80-82 and were the last team eliminated from playoff contention. Now, after a slew of moves, the team looks to contend for the postseason once again. A look back at the records of the Wild Card teams since the expansion shows that 88 wins gets a team into the playoff game most years.

So, will the Angels win 88 or more games in 2018?

Why They Will: the starting pitching looks to finally all be healthy at the same time. Richards, Heaney, and Skaggs could form a nice trio with Shoemaker rebounding. Oh, and some kid named Otani is on board. Kinsler is a great defender and proves to be a good leadoff man. Justin Upton is around for a full year. The right side of the infield is where ground balls turn into outs. And Mike Trout is Mike Trout.

Why They Won’t: Not enough pitching depth, Otani doesn’t look MLB ready, Simba had a career year last year, and Kinsler is on a steep decline out of the league. The bullpen over performed last year and comes crashing back down to Earth, first base production is atrocious. The division, top to bottom, is tough and inter-league play features the NL West.


Angels Team Wins Over/Under 87.5

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