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Over/Under: Albert Pujols GIDP 22.5

Los Angeles Angels Photo Day Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Albert Pujols sets a new career MLB record every time he grounds into a double play. He’s hit into 362 thus far in his Hall of Fame career and that number can be expected to climb in 2019.

That GIDP figure is a testament both to Pujols longevity (17 years in the league) and also to his bat being in the middle of the order and getting a lot of opportunities to hit into double plays. Well, with Mike Scioscia at the helm, one can expect Albert’s bat to continue to get double play....err RBI opportunities.

Will he hit into as many double plays as his career yearly average?

Why He Will: Father Time is not only undefeated, he’s been taking Albert behind the woodshed lately. Foot injuries and just enough loss of bat speed have Albert starting his swing early, pulling the ball, and setting defenses up perfectly for a double play. And when the guy hitting in front of him is on base over 40% of the time, that’s a lot of chances.

Why He Won’t: There’s a new kid in town named Shohei Otani who will take at bats away from Pujols, which could keep Albert a little healthier throughout the season. Plus, Albert seems to be healthier this year than in other. Add in a manager who actually needs to win to secure his next contract, and Albert simply might not have the opportunities needed to hit into 23 double plays.


Albert Pujols GIDP Over/Under 22.5

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