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Halos Heaven talks to Mike Trout about his new BODYARMOR ad, Clubhouse Chemistry and if he’s a better golfer than Jered Weaver

Part 1 of our 2 part interview

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Thanks to BODYARMOR, I had a chance to chat with Mike Trout about the new spot he’s in for the sports drink as well as some other fun baseball (and non baseball) questions. The new ad is hilarious and allows fans to see a side of Trout they don’t normally see.

As you may know, Trout is a BODYARMOR athlete. Their new campaign consists of four television spots, digital creative, billboards and radio executions. The campaign, which is BODYARMOR’s largest campaign to-date, is the mastermind of Kobe Bryant, who concepted, co-directed and wrote all the television commercials.

In the press materials, Kobe Bryant was asked:
Where did the inspiration for this new BODYARMOR campaign come from?

I’m notorious for taking what’s old and finding a way to make it new. A lot of my inspiration comes from finding things from the past and evolving them to be better. That’s exactly what we’ve done with BODYARMOR Sport Drink. We found a way to make the sports drink category better, with natural flavors and sweeteners, potassium packed electrolytes and coconut water.

Enjoy part 1 of the interview below:

Before we get started, that weather in Kansas City over the weekend looked terrible. How did you handle that?

It was pretty crazy. I mean, I love weather, but playing in it was tough. You know, my last couple of at bats, you can ask anybody, my hands were extremely cold, you know they were numb and it’s bad with the wind and the snow in your face so I’m happy to be back in Anaheim. It’s good weather right here.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

So tell me about this new BODYARMOR campaign, I saw the commercial today. I saw all four of them actually and it was pretty funny. What was the process like filming that?

Yeah the process was great. When BODYARMOR and Kobe called me up to tell me the script and how the spot was gonna go, played a really big part - when I got the call from Kobe, being a fan throughout my whole and knowing how big BODYARMOR is to him and me. I thought it was pretty cool the direction they were going with the humor and trying to make it funny going back to old school stuff to compare to new technology and a new sports drink, Body Armor. It was pretty cool, yeah I had a fun time doing it. I thought it was pretty funny. I enjoyed dressing like that and using the old ab shaker. It was pretty intense and it was fun.

Did Kobe direct you in that or who directed you?

He called me up and obviously he’s huge with BODYARMOR and he asked me if I was willing to do it and I didn’t even hesitate. You know the respect I have for him and what he brought to the game of basketball and just as an ambassador of, you know, just how he is. I thought it would be great for the fans to see the humor and the funny side of me.

Yeah they are gonna love the ad and that look you give in the commercial.


Do you have a current favorite flavor?

Yeah, I’m still big on fruit punch.

How about your teammates, do they have any favorites?

Yeah, It’s a mix, it’s mixed flavors throughout the clubhouse. Not one particular flavor comes up that they like but it’s good.

What’s that Louis Juice I saw in the pictures from the Kansas City games?

It’s just a mixture of hydration. There’s some BODYARMOR in there. It’s a mixture of everything. It’s really big in the clubhouse to be hydrated, you know the trainers always want us to be hydrated so we bring a big jug out there on the field. It’s great.

So I think at each stadium you have to drink what they provide for you, so what do you do when you want to get your BodyArmor?

You know it’s tough sometimes. Some stadiums don’t have it, so I go a few days without drinking it, so I can always send like a clubbie to a gas station or something but sometimes they’re in the clubhouse.

Anything else you want to add about the BodyArmor campaign that’s coming out?

I just had a great time doing it. A great time shooting it. The humor in the campaign was pretty great. Something different. You know a lot of people see me as a - just go out they and play every day and smile, and I think it was great to be able to do a shoot that was funny.

So speaking of funny and having fun, you guys look like you are having a lot of fun so far this year. What’s the atmosphere like in the clubhouse compared to last year and how do you guys keep the mood light?

Um, the atmosphere is unbelievable. The chemistry is crazy. We enjoy coming to the ballpark every day. We’re one big family. There’s not one guy on the team that you know sits by himself. We’re all together. When we play the game we have positive vibes throughout the whole game. You know if we go down early we tell ourselves that we can score 4 or 5 runs in any inning. If we stay positive and keep riding this winning little streak we’re on right now, it’s great for the team. It’s always good to get off to a great start and you know it’s been great so far.

Baseball is always about making adjustments. Is there anything you worked on this past off season with your fielding to do anything differently?

Um, you know, just trying to work harder on first steps and trying to get the balls that.. for me it’s not giving up on balls to easy because with my speed I can try to catch everything and if tell myself I’m gonna catch it, and not to say I’m not gonna be able to get there. Just putting positive thoughts and telling myself that I can catch it. It definitely helps me. A couple balls in KC I got to that I didn’t think I’d get to, so it’s pretty good so far.

Note: Be sure to check out part 2 of our interview tomorrow where you can find out who is the better golfer, how Trout handles pitchers, if we could see him on the mound at some point, and more!

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