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Halos Heaven talks to Mike Trout about BODYARMOR, pitcher adjustments and if we’d ever see him on the mound

Part 2 of our 2 part interview.

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Thanks to BODYARMOR, we had a chance to chat with Mike Trout about the new spot he’s in for the sports drink as well as some other fun baseball (and non baseball) questions. The new ad is hilarious and allows fans to see a side of Trout they don’t normally see.

See part 1 of our interview here. Part 2 below:

You had a long streak of no strikeouts in spring training. People have been talking about your increased contact rate. Have you made any adjustments with your hitting? Is any of that due to the new hitting coach Eric Hinske?

Nah, just it’s a new year. I’ve seen the pitchers before knowing their stuff and just me growing as a player. I think that has something to do with it.

And pitchers are always adjusting as well so how often does that go back in forth in your mind with adjusting to their adjustments?

You know, I think just knowing their tendencies. I just think that seeing their pitches helps me and seeing the spin on it and what it does. I think that helps me more than telling myself ok, 2-0 he’s throwing me a slider you know just trying to see the pitch sequence. I think just seeing the pitch in the at bat before or during the at bat helps me out more than that stuff.

So for obvious reasons the focus is off of you for a little bit this season (laughter). Are you getting hounded a bit less by the press and how is all that attention affecting the team.

You know there’s definitely a lot of pressure, you’re still getting your interviews - all the guys are but Ohtani’s doing a great job so far. His on the field stuff is amazing but he gets a lot of pressure off the field. He’s got to do a lot of interviews, a lot of cameras and people are following him. I think he enjoys it. He’s putting the time in that he needs and when he has to talk to the media he talks to the media and it’s been great so far for him. Everybody in the clubhouse brought him in and makes him feel comfortable. We involve him in everything.

So speaking of all that, you used to pitch in high school (laughter). What are the odds we could see you toss an inning or an out at some point?

Ah, I think the odds are probably zero percent. I don’t know if Billy and Scioscia would let me do it. We joke about it every once in a while in the outfield but I don’t think you would see me on the mound. My pitching days are over. (laughter)

Do you have a favorite major league player that has never been a teammate of yours?

Um, you know obviously all the young guys that are in the game right now. With Harper and Kris Bryant and Machado and just guys that are, you know, came up with me and during the time that I got called up. You know not one particular player but to go back and see them play and see highlights and how they did. I mean, like I say, I enjoy baseball so I like when guys succeed.

So a non baseball question. What do you think the odds are of the Eagles repeating as Super Bowl Champions?

I think as a fan, I think they can do it for sure. I know how the team is and they brought in some new guys and the team’s core is still there. As a fan I’m real excited about the season.

So you’re very loyal to Philly sport teams, obviously. What would it feel like to you if the Angels played the Phillies in the World Series this year or next year?

Oh, obviously pretty cool growing up a Phillies fan but you know I would obviously want to win. I don’t know how Philly fans would take it but I think they would know I’m on the Angels so I gotta play for my team and it’d be pretty cool. As a fan growing up, it’s be a fun series.

You’re a big golfer aren’t you?


Have you ever golfed with Jered Weaver? Apparently he’s doing a lot of golfing.

Yes I have and he’s come a long way. He’s very good. I still talk to him today. He’s a good friend of mine and obviously we miss him being on the team but he’s got a family now and he’s doing his own thing. But we keep in touch and he’s playing a lot of golf like you said.

So who has the better handicap?

Oh for sure him. He’s playing almost every day. Yeah he’s really good.

So speaking of teammates, you and Garrett Richards were roommates for quite some time. You obviously get to spend a lot of time with your wife Jessica now but what’s it like not having him around the house all the time?

You know I obviously still see him every day so it’s almost the same but coming home and I got a dog now and it’s good to spend time with your wife. Baseball takes a lot of time away from your family and I think being home and being able to spend time with her and the dog. It means a lot to her and means a lot to me.

Last time I talked to you, we always ask about Five Guys vs. In N Out. You said Five guys last time. Have you been converted yet?

Um it’s a toss up. I like In N Out. Five Guys is great too. I think I switched, I didn’t switch, but I’ve been going more to In N Out because it’s on my way home so I’ve probably ate more In N Out than I have Five Guys in the last couple of years.

So we’re getting there maybe.

Yeah you’re getting there a little bit. Yep. (laughs)

Perfect, That’s all the questions I have for you. I really appreciate your time and good luck tonight.

Okay no problem, it’s good talking to you. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Thanks to BODYARMOR for setting up this interview!

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