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Angels put on a neo-noir remake of One False Move, starring Nick Tropeano & a bad fourth inning

With Justin Verlander going HAM, there wasn’t any margin of error for Tropeano and the Angels. That didn’t work out so well, fam.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim  v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Angels 2 Astros 5

The Angels, heading into today’s getaway affair at Concentrated Orange Juice Arena, hadn’t lost a road game in 2018. They’ve lost games at the Big A, sure, but who cares?! The road is where it’s at, at least when you’re going undefeated on said Road. Of course, they lost today’s game, in quite the frustrating fashion, so my opinions on The Road may be plied into more negative territory by the time I’m finished writing this sentence.

Yep, The Road is dumb today. Nick Tropeano was the man on the mound at Minute Maid, and it only took one minute for him to get made, as Alex Bregman hit a three-run double off of NiTro in the 4th frame, essentially sealing the Halos’ fate and nixing those chances for a sweep.

The Halos’ fate was sealed because the good guys had to face off against Justin Verlander, who was taking down the afternoon’s enemies like he was Gucci Mane on his first day out tha ‘pen. Yep, that tall drink of vanilla bent but didn’t break, and the jerk also doesn’t ask, he takes. That is all to say, he mowed down L.A. batters with ease, all but amplifying that one bad inning from NiTro as the crux of this excruciating Texas exit.

This was easily the biggest Houston-related bummer since Huston Street blocked me on Twitter, especially since the rest of the game was a relatively quiet, if volatile, outing. There would be two more outs put up on the board by the reigning champ Astros, giving them five runs on five total hits. The Angels, however, had two runs off of four hits, the scoring coming off of an Albert Pujols homer and a Zack Cozart double. Both of those knocks came in the seventh side, and if Tropeano hadn’t served up that four-seam tomato can, then we’d probably be watching extras right now.

Instead, it’s time to switch over to Andy Griffith Show reruns, or maybe Good Times, or maybe you’re at work and none of this matters. Actually, yeah...this 5-2 loss, with the series already in the bag for the Halos, doesn’t even matter, dudes. We can still hold our heads high, and who cares about Justin Verlander killing our favorite dudes, am I right?!