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What happened? Angels get their hats handed to them in 11-1 loss to Yankees

That’s two nights in a row of getting embarrassed out of their own digs. Not cool, dudes.

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Angels 1 Yankees 11

Tonight, if you were to have gone to your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings, or your neighborhood Applebees, or if you were to have visited the worst bar you can think of in the Orange County locale, you’d have noticed that the place...any of those places...was conspicuously empty. That’s because the corniest, most vanilla and basic of OC denizens were at the Big A. Good for them, I guess; more chicken strips and 8 oz sirloin and decade-old Katy Perry songs for us! See? It’s all about the little victories.

Yeah, yeah...Angel Stadium was once again turned into Yankee Stadium West, one night after an opposing player, Didi Gregorius, got a curtain call for putting the home team to bed via late-innings homer. For their shameful encore, the Angels decided to get walloped to the tune of 11-1; bush league stuff, dudes.

Seriously, though, what’s up with this Angels team and their inability to perform at a respectable level in their own turf?! The Yankees had 14 hits over those 11 runs, mainly from some timely extra-base hits; the Angels got their lone run from a Zack Cozart homer. Yeah, I don’t care either. I’m bitter, and I’ll own up to that. The frustration is real, fam.

Cormac McCarthy, in his magnum opus, Blood Meridian, wrote “There is no such joy in the tavern as upon the road thereto.” Just substitute “tavern” for “the Big A” and you’re still retaining the original meaning, that the destination is not all that great, but making it to the destination is actually pretty sweet. The Big A is joyless, but the road the team hits every week or two is where all the joy lies. Now, when do these guys get back on the road, again?!

I think this is one of those times where you can dead ass say “Turn the page” and be 100% sound and unironic. Tomorrow, I guess, is a different day and different ballgame, right? Please, let this series not end in an ugly sweep.