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Jose Alvarez negates a superb showing from Jaime Barria, as Angels lose to Astros 5-3

Houston Astros  v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Angels 3 Astros 5

Well, there was some good news to come out of this game. But there was also some bad news. The bad news, in the end, prevailed on the final score, so does the good news even really matter? Well...yeah. I suppose it does, because good performances are still good performances, especially in a season as long as MLB baseball’s.

There was Jaime Barria, who had another stellar night on the mound for the Halos. He would only give up one run to the tough Houston Astros, over seven innings pitched. He gave up four hits in that span, and struck out seven batters. On the offensive side of things, it was rad to see Justin Upton get back into the home run hitting groove, as he belted his 11th of the season, and Rene Rivera continued to be a presence at the plate, as well, with a dinger of his own.

Those are all components of a typical Angels victory, but that’s not taking into consideration one big component of a lot of Angels losses, and that’s Jose Alvarez. Alvarez pitched tonight, I’m sorry to report, and he gave up three runs in the eighth inning, thus giving up the lead and giving the Halos a dumb loss at home that should’ve been a sick win at home. ALVAREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...turn the page? That’s really all you can do, other than curse Jose Alvarez’s name (or Josh Reddick’s, I guess). Yep. Turn the page.