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Rays don’t mess around in series opener, beat up Angels 7-1

There was a lot of ugly in this game, and a lot of uglier.

Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Angels 1 Rays 7

Welp, this one just straight up sucked. Chris Archer of the Rays, and most likely of the(insert much bigger, better market team name here) in the near future, pitched great for the Rays, holding the Halos to just two hits and zero runs. The Angels bullpen reverted back to their ways of failure.

The offense, which has vanished into thin air recently, continued to perform their not-cool-at-all vanishing magic trick. Justin Upton got hit by a pitch and taken out of the game (his x-rays on this hand came back negative and he’s listed as day to day). Mike Trout continued his streak of bad PAs tonight, by going 0-4 with two Ks.

Should I go on? Really, the only awesome thing that the Angels fans got to see was Shohei Ohtani hitting a bomb to absolute dead center field. That’s it and that’s all, as Bub Rub would say. Still, the Angels are lucky to have started so hot this year, because even after losing a series to Houston, and even after dropping silly Ls like tonight’s, they’re just 2.5 games behind Houston for 1st place in AL West.

I think we’d all be better off if we just forget tonight even happened, OK? Nothing to see here.