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The Rays continue their assault on the Angels in what could have possibly been a close game

Instead, we’re all left speculating and rationalizing. Oh. And grieving.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Angels Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Rays 5 Angels 3

The Angels love a nice homestand because it gives them the opportunity to take a week off. It is awfully kind of Arte Moreno to bestow so many vacation hours upon his employees, even if it does make for some less than entertaining baseball.

Jokes aside, this could have been a good game. There are so many scenarios a fan of this team could play back in their mind that would have created such a nail-biter.

What if Jefry Marte didn’t try to Frisbee the baseball to Heaney? What if Maldonado could remember how to catch a baseball and make it look like it was in the strike zone when it absolutely was? What if Marte (dude, seriously?) hadn’t fallen over when hitting that potential extra-base hit? What if Maldonado hadn’t swung at a 3-1 pitch and doubled up himself and Chris Young prior to the Cozart single and Trout home run? What if Simmons hadn’t chosen today to break his on-base streak? What if we had a bullpen?

All credit to shortstop Daniel Robertson on his smash to lock up the series for Tampa Bay, but “What If”s ruled the day just as they have ruled the week and have certainly owned the month.

There were positives in this singularity of misery, however. For one, Andrew Heaney continued to look almost unhittable. He allowed 3 hits across 6 innings and gave up a goose egg of earned runs! He was still saddled with a big L for the unearned grand slam, but was otherwise effectively, and more importantly, efficiently wild.

Mike Trout looks to have finally completed the adjustment, doubling and blasting a 2-run home run to the bullpen in left field. He is now tied for second in the majors in home runs again at a cool 14.

The bullpen only allowed 1 run today which normally is not cause to celebrate. I am willing to make an exception when considering the previous two games of this series.

Finally, the noticeable absence of a certain lefty bat means that tomorrow is the best day of the week. It’s Ohtaminator Sunday tomorrow! Whatever misfortune befalls this team come 1:07 P.M., we are blessed to get to see the future of the franchise strike out some poor fools on the Rays.