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There’s no better player in MLB than Mike Trout & the Angels’ 11-4 win over Yankees tonight is proof

5-5 at the plate, with three doubles, a homer, 11 total bases, four RBI...a career night for Mike Trout, and is there still a debate about who’s the greatest in the game right now?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Angels 11 Yankees 4

Tonight, Mike Trout had a career game, and for a guy like Mike Trout, a career game for him means he must have done some seriously badass feats of skill on the baseball diamond. We’re used to seeing this dude go off, but man, he went HAM and then some tonight in Yankee Stadium. He dominated NY so much that I think he’s now in the same club as Arte Moreno, in that he owns the Yankees now, unofficially.

Mike Trout finished the game with three 2Bs, a homer, four RBI and three runs scored. Yeah, that’s not a typo; Mike Trout hit THREE doubles on a Saturday night in the Big Apple, which is going to generate some headlines, that’s for sure. Those five hits were a career high for the god-like CF, and his 11 total bases was also a career high. Yep, the best in the biz, ladies and gentlemen. If you want to add in a little Statcast spice into your Trout love fest right now, then take a gander at these numbers:

There is only one Mike Trout, and he’s on the Angels. He could’ve been a Yankee, yada yada know the old story. He was never going to be on the Yankees, though, because his destiny was always tied to the Angels. The universe would never allow such a crime to be committed, but it’s still fun to think about when you see him picking apart the Yankees’ torn up corpse like they were roadside carrion and Trout were the biggest, meanest vulture you’d ever seen.

Mike Trout is a gift, and games like tonight’s are the ones that serve as reminders that we are so, so, so, so very lucky to have him wearing that Angels cap and uni. Wow. I’ve got to catch my breath. Mike Trout: The best damn baseball player in the game, don’t even come at me saying otherwise.

Some other notables: Jaime Barria started off really bad, giving up four runs in the first eight batters he faced, but eventually settled down and got through five total innings. Those were the only runs in the game from the New York side of things, as the bullpen then came in and pitched a combined four scoreless frames. Good stuff. Catcher Jose Briceno made his debut this evening and had two hits, including a HR, so that was pretty awesome, too.

BUT MIKE TROUT?!?!?!?! MIKE TROUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!