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Angels get overpowered by Tigers in 9-3 Memorial Day loss

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Angels 3 Tigers 9

Today is Memorial Day, and while many Angels fans were doing their part in honoring the fallen and ushering in the summer season, their favorite baseball team was busy getting sliced up by the Detroit Tigers. That's not how you want to open a series, generally speaking.

I was at a BBQ for most of the day, and the rest of the HH staff was similarly busy, so pardon the late arrival of this post game article. But really, there wasn't much to report on anyways, unless you're some sort of baseball masochist. The angels got out-pitched and out-hit, the big Tigers hit being a big grand slam they gave up to James McCann.

Tyler Skaggs was a nightmare on the bump, going just three Innings and giving up six hits and five earned runs in that span. Ugly, ugly stuff. The bright spots for the Angels on the offensive side of things was Andrelton Simmons having a multi-hit game yet again and Mike Trout hitting his MLB-leading 18th dinger. Oh, and we got to see an irate Mike Scioscia charge an ump after Martin Maldonado got tossed for arguing a called strike. So there's that.

Forget about this one, dudes. Just pretend it didn't happen and go enjoy the rest of the holiday, I beg of you.