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Angels' rough, underwhelming road trip ends with 6-2 loss against Tigers

Andrew Heaney's bad inning was all the Tigers needed to walk away with the win and the series.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2 Tigers 6

The Angels are finally headed home after getting a 4-6 tally on their 10-game road trip, punctuated by today's 6-2 loss to Tigers. The Tigers took three of the four games from the Halos, and they took the wind out of many sails across the Halosphere.

Andrew Heaney was the starter of record this afternoon, and it was one brutal frame in which he gave up give runs to drier that would be his undoing. If course he it doesn't help that the offense didn't do much on their end, either but that's becoming the overarching pattern here right?

What more is there to say about these losses, when they're all becoming to blur together into an unrecognizable loser blob and the pages get turned more and more, but to what end?

Go Halos?