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The Angels won th— No wait, yes? Maybe. The game ended (I guess we lost).

We like to toss around the word, “Rollercoaster” a lot in baseball. It is not exaggerating to refer to this one as such.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Look at Skaggs! Talk about a gritty performa.

It was one of those nights at Safeco as the Angels lost in humiliating fash.

Can you believe it!? Justin Upton once again came through as the.

Of course, Blake Parker would do this to us and completely ru.

Oh my gosh! Chris Young? Seriously! Talk about unexpected heroes and.

For all the offensive gains Marte showed tonight, he killed us in the e.

Andrelton Simmons pulled a Hambone slide to win u.

Johnson, what the heck man? I ju.

The Angels lost the game in the end, but I refuse to believe it’s truly over. I am going to have to check the rulebook to make sure we’re allowed to stop trading blows.

There’s only been 32 hits, only 17 runs, and only 11 innings. I’m pretty sure I could take 4 more hours of this. Please?