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Horrorshow Sunday: Angels lose to Twins 7-5, their win streak is dead & Mike Trout looked bad during bloody Sunday game

Going 0-5 with eight guys left on base is definitely reason to pin today’s loss on Mike Trout. Yep, MIKE TROUT put up those numbers today. Don’t worry, though, as there’s probably plenty blame to throw around.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Minnesota Twins Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 5 Twins 7

It feels weird to deride Mike Trout, but here I am, about to blame an Angels loss on the world’s best baseball player. But I’ve got no choice; I was pushed to this extreme by a terrible game from not only Trout himself, but from a few other pieces of this team, too. It all resulted in a hard-to-watch road loss, and the end of a fun winning streak. Turn the page?

Before any pages are turned, a quick look at what went wrong. Well, let’s talk pitching a bit, shall we? Nick Tropeano didn’t have his best stuff today, let’s just say that. He went 4.1 innings, first of all, and in those 4.1 IP, he would give up five earned runs off of four hits and three walks. Jim Johnson had a rough outing himself, giving up a couple runs in just one inning of relief. Seven runs total and ten hits from the Halos hurlers today, and still that’s not even the worst thing that happened.

Justin Upton, who had been mashing like a man possessed as of late, ran into a performance brick wall today, going 0-4 with five men left on base. When a dude who had been playing as hot as Upton had been has a day like that, you know something wicked has already arrived. If any further proof is needed that their was a malicious baseball aura in the air, then take a look at Mike Trout’s stat line.

The world’s greatest ball player put up an 0-5 goose egg, striking out twice and had EIGHT men left on base. Yep, eight guys left on by Trout, in a game decided by two runs, plus he had a little bit of a miscue out in center field as well. It was probably his worst game of the season, and may stand up as his worst game of 2018 when the season is all wrapped up. This is as bad as Trout gets, folks. I guess that’s the silver lining: He hit his bottom today, so that means he can only go up from here. RIGHT?!

So, the Angels don’t have their winning streak any more, and Mike Trout and Justin Upton stunk while an Angels starting pitcher looked like a scrub. It was topsy turvy day apparently, and nobody informed me. I guess that’s the perfect ending (sarcasm) of a week where we saw injuries to Andrelton Simmons and Shohei Ohtani take both all-star caliber players out of the Halos’ lineup. Sigh...

Turn. The. Page.