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Nothing‘s worse than Angels getting swept by Mariners via walk-off HR in game fans could only watch on Facebook

That was not cool, Mitch Haniger. Not cool.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 6 Mariners 8

Mitch Haniger has made my list. THE list, of course. The list of people that I officially do not like. It doesn’t sound that scary or serious when I type it out here, I’m just realizing that, but still...dude’s on The List. He got there by hitting a couple homers off of the Halos in last night’s loss, and today he made a final bid to earn my ire by belting a walk-off, two-run dinger in the ninth inning of today’s Angels/Mariners face-off, which gave the Mariners the win and the sweep over the visiting Halos. Blargghhhhhh!!!

A Halos Heaven staff writer suggested I just put a poop emoji in the body of this article and that could be the entire post game report. Sounds a little unnecessary, over the top and perhaps bitter, but with the way the game went down, his suggestion isn’t that bad of an idea at all. A game in which the Angels get the loss, thus getting swept, and they lose via walk-off HR in the ninth inning is pretty dang depressing, but then add in the fact that today’s meh fest was exclusively broadcast on Facebook and you’ve got all the ingredients for an infuriating day of Angels baseball.

Oliver Drake was the last pitcher out on the field for the Angels today, giving up that nail-in-the-coffin big fly to Haniger, and he was also the guy who gave up the go-ahead double to Jean Segura in last night’s losing effort. Talk about a rough couple days for the guy. Were there any really cool things that happened in today’s game? Yeah, there was David Fletcher.

The recent call-up got his first MLB start this afternoon, and he sure made the most of it. Fletcher knocked a two-run triple into RF in his first big league at-bat, which anybody can admit is pretty rad. He finished his day at Safeco going 3-4 at the plate, with those two runs driven home, and he didn’t strikeout. He did have a throwing error, however, so it wasn’t all roses and sunshine, but I’ll let that slide. Welcome to the show, kid. Hope to see more of that around these parts.

Now, back to some bad news. He was given the opportunity to start at 3B because Zack Cozart was feeling a little banged up, and to add on to the ever-growing list of Angels injuries, Garrett Richards now has a hamstring issue. Things aren’t looking bright at the moment, but then again, things are rarely ever bright in Seattle. Let’s hope the doom and gloom can stay in the pacific northwest, and not travel with our boys as they hit the road on down to Oakland for a weekend series against the Athletics.

Unless they brought the doom and gloom with them to Safeco to begin with, which is entirely possible. It’s really hard to tell these days just how bad things are, or if it’s all in this fan’s Halo-crazed imagination. Oh well. Turn the...ahhhh, forget it.