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Baseball Freemasons rule NY, provide Umpirical evidence that the Angels aren’t “supposed” to make the playoffs

Blue Jays win unimportant game 7-6 thanks to predestination. Maldonado loses the battle against the “umpires”, but seeks to win the war in the future.

Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Forget the final score. The score is irrelevant. The home runs and error are irrelevant. The series is irrelevant. The season is irrelevant. You and I and Blue Jays fans and the umpires and anyone who has eyes has been shown that the whole thing is pointless.

It was one thing when the umpires intentionally kept Trout’s OBP low when he earned those walks. It was one thing when the umpires blew a swinging strike call on Saturday that should have been strike 3 and instead was followed up with a 3-run game winning home run. It was one thing this afternoon when they blatantly missed multiple calls for Felix Pena.

But now the truth is out. The cold, hard, undeniable truth is that the Angels are not “meant” to make the 2nd Wild Card.

“It’s been 17 years,” the secret society lamented. “It’s time to give Seattle their due, whatever the cost. It’s all for the greater good!”

Unlike in Hot Fuzz, however, it feels like no one will be able to rein in the supreme Freemasonry of Major League Baseball at times.

Fans have long speculated that the Major League Umpires Association is just a front for the shadow organization, but only now has irrefutable evidence come to light that the Angels never had a chance. See for yourself.

You hear that sound? That’s Victor Rojas getting mad. This was an abhorrent load of crap and even Bluebird Banter, the Toronto SBNation blog, was surprised that it wasn’t overturned.

Sure, Noe Ramirez and Deck McGuire combined to allow 3 runs in what was yet another embarrassing pitching effort. The offense definitely could have done better, but s—


Sure, you may have still single-handedly won the game for the Blue Jays in this 7-6 heartbreaker, but now you know exactly who is gunning for you.

Martin Maldonado may not have the defense or the framing or any of the things that endeared him to many of us last season, but he does have one thing. An unwavering disdain for you shadowy types.

It seems like every game, he has something nasty to shout at you about. You deserve every word. He is the hero we have been searching for. So hat tip to you, Sergeant Angel (Ha!).

Tomorrow, Martin and Co. will seek to sweep the season series against the Kansas City Royals and possibly defeat the great enemy of our times who have disguised themselves as the blues.