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Angels get trounced in Fenway, losing to Red Sox 9-1

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Boston Red Sox Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 1 Red Sox 9

It's really hard to not go with a predictable "John lamb led to the slaughter"-type joke here, because that's exactly what transpired at Fenway this evening. John lamb was undoubtedly slaughtered by the Red Sox lineup in this brutal series opener, unable to make it two full innings before getting lifted by Mike Scioscia. By then, Lamb had served the Chowder heads six hits, leading to five runs, three of them earned, in a paltry 1.2 innings pitched.

Compounding the bad vibes of this tilt was having to watch David Price cutting off any viable Angels offensive attack. The veteran starting pitcher ended up going six innings for the home team, allowing five hits and one run, credited to a solo shot from Chris Young in the top of the third, while racking up seven Halo Ks.

When one side of the game has John lamb getting roasted, and the other side of the game has David Price and the Red Sox defense keeping the Angels on lock down, you've got a recipe for a demoralizing time in Bean Town.

Deck McGwire was the first halos Bullpen arm to get the nod from the dugout, and Boston's bats absolutely lit him up, going yard off of McGuire three different times over his four innings; he gave up one to Jackie Bradley jr., one to J.D. Martinez, and one to Christian Vasquez. Add to that the Mookie Betts home run that John lamb gave up in the first, and you get way, way too many Red Sox dingers.

McGuire only lasted so long though, and then it was Akeel Morris's turn to try and wrap things up in the shadow of the Green Monster. By the time Morris came in, the score was 8-1 Red Sox, and it would be 9-1 after he gave up his obligatory RBI to the opposition, so hopefully nobody got their hopes up that the Red Sox were done pouring the runs onto the Angels. The good news is after that run, the Boston scoring would cease but the bad news is that the Angels wouldn't mount any comeback and we'd have to settle for this embarrassing loss on the east coast.

Thinking the Angels would surprise us all and open up a can on the Red Sox today? Well, you thought wrong. Of course, you probably knew better than to think that in the first place. Bleghhhhhhhhhhh!