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Zack Cozart will have season ending shoulder surgery

Just the latest in a long line of Angels to fall this season

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Zack Cozart has been out of the lineup for 2 weeks and yesterday it was announced he will be having season ending shoulder surgery. Cozart hurt his shoulder on a diving play at shortstop against the Mariners on June 13th (blame Jerry). The shoulder didn’t get any better and Cozart opted for the season-ending surgery on his torn labrum after a second opinion and further evaluation.

For those of you who don’t know - labrum surgeries are TERRIBLE. I’ve had friends have them and sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. You are rarely the same after this this type of surgery if it’s on your throwing arm.

Check out this article from 2015 or this one or this one. Yeah, the prognosis is not always good, though players CAN return to form following this type of surgery. Cozart will be out the rest of this season and don’t be surprised if it carries into spring training or early next year.

Cozart was certainly having down year with the Angels, hitting only .219 with a .296 OBP the Angels signed him for his ability to play around the infield so that is definitely a loss.

Check out this injury report from

That doesn’t even include the minor league DL which currently 6 people on it, including Parker Bridwell, Miguel Almonte, Adam Hofacket, Nate Smith, Dylan Unsworth, and Sherman Johnson.

Also not on that list is Jake Jewell who went down with a terrible ankle/leg injury in last night’s game and is sure to land on the DL at any moment.


Billy Eppler has been hinting that we may see Shohei Ohtani back in the lineup very soon and he’s being evaluated today. He may end up back at DH well before he’s back on the mound.

Mike Trout is expected to be back in CF any day now. Great timing if Ohtani ends up back in the lineup at DH.

Garrett Richards is looking good and could begin a rehab assignment this weekend.