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A big, eighth-inning HaloBlitz makes it two in a row as Angels beat Orioles 6-2

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 6 Orioles 2

I feel like I should be more excited for the Halos winning two games in a row, but I'm just spent right now. Too many close calls, buttercups and Bullpen implosions have me desensitized to Wed ameven the good things this club hadllll he ended up being taking the W on two consecutive nights.

Ehhh, you know what? I'm just going to enjoy today's beatdown and look towards the a hopefully-brighter future. so how did Zach Lee did the Halos put a Hurtin on the Orioles in Camden this afternoon? Well it was really all just a matter of exploding in the eighth inning, it's as easy as that.

First things first though. TylerSkaggs was the starter for the Angels, and he turned in a quintessentially serviceable Skaggs start. He went five innings pitched, giving up just four hits, two runs, one earned and six Ks. Atta boy Skaggs.

Of course, the Angels didn't really have an answer to overcome those two runs that belonged to Skaggs, which meant that heading into the late Innings, they found themselves behind 2-1 and needed to get something cooking quick. Luckily they all brought their Chef's hats to the baseball park.

A host of halos hitters got in on the action, like Albert Pujols, Martin Maldonado, David Fletcher, and Chris Young. All those guys had some slick hitting on display, or in the case of Martin Maldonado, he got hit by a pitch which then drove an angels runner across home plate. When everything calm down and heads were still spinning from the scoring onslaught, the Angels had not only tied the game up but taken a big time 6-2 lead.

Finally, our boys had a sizable advantage to work with and Blake Parker was called into seal the deal and get the visiting West Coast do toads their second win in as many games.