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2018 MLB Draft: Angels stock up on pitchers and nab a two-way player on draft day 2

10 new pitchers on their way to a farm team near you

You want pitchers? We got pitchers! The Angels went toolsy athletic fielders on day 1 and ALL pitchers on day 2. Taylor Blake Ward approves.

3rd Round

RHP Aaron Hernandez, Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
6-foot-2, 175-pound Hernandez has a four pitch repertoire that includes a mid 90s fastball with sinking action, curveball, slider, and a changeup.

4th Round

RHP Kyle Bradish, New Mexico State
Bradish (as opposed to Kyle-ish), throws a low to mid 90s fastball and good curve. He also throws a changeup and a slider that needs some work by some accounts. Bradish threw 272 innings for New Mexico State over 3 years so don’t be surprised if the Angels limit his innings a bit this year.

5th Round

P William English, Western International HS (MI)
Not to be confused with the former Prime Minister of New Zealand (hey it comes up when you Google him), English is a 6’3”, 185# pitcher who ALSO plays a mean outfield. He was drafted as a two-way player and not just a pitcher.

6th Round

RHR Austin Warren, UNC Wilmington
Warren is a multi reliever who struck out 11.22 hitters this past season and allowed only 1 run in 13.2 post season innings. He has a low 90s fastball and good slider. He’s the first college senior the Angels signed in the draft.

7th Round

RHR Andrew Wantz, UNC Greensboro
Wantz some more? The jokes make themselves here people. We have no Jett Bandy but we aren’t without Wantz. Another reliever who struck out 81 in 55 innings this year and posted a 2.95 ERA. He has a low to mid 90s fastball and huge K rate.

8th Round

RHR Tyler Smith, Canisius Col
Smith has a 0.71 ERA in 63.2 innings over his past two college seasons. He’s also a huge strikeout pitcher with 83 Ks in those two years. Speaking of huge - Smith is an imposing presence on the mound at 6’ 230#

9th Round

RHS Jake Lee, Oakland U
Stop me if you sense a theme here - 112 Ks over 75.1 innings. Yeah, the Angels are clearing going for high K college guys on day 2 of the draft.

10th Round

RHR Ben Morrison, Western Kentucky U