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Andrelton Simmons lands on the 10 Day DL with a sprained ankle

Seriously. I checked the news over and over and kept reading the same thing. It’s true. There is no more denying it.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Gold Glove, All Star caliber, amazing defenseman, and nearly impossible to strike out - Andrelton Simmons has sprained his ankle. Did he do it stealing home? No. Did he do it jumping over Cozart at third to make a play? No. Did he do it after running into Justin Upton and trying to catch one of his balls? No. He did it on the dugout steps. Ugh.

Here is a video. Viewer discretion is advised.

That’s right, the best defender on the team and second best offensive player who is have (another) career year, has hit the DL. You could argue that aside from Mike Trout, Simmons is really the only guy producing on a regular basis and now we have, well, Mike Trout. Let’s not go into any more details about how awesome of a year Simmons is having because I might cry in my coffee - and salty coffee is gross.

Get ready for some more lineups like this in the near future, although Pujols will be back on Friday for what that’s worth. Get well soon Simba - we need you STAT!!!

It should ONLY be 10 days. Good news I guess???