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Angels make our Sunday dreams come true and demolish the Astros 14-5

Who was that team in red today?

MLB: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

You’re still here? You are in luck!! And you were spoiled today The Halos Heaven pages and game threads have seen numbers drop like attendance on a hot Sunday at the big A.

But you my friends, the HH faithful are still here and I thank each and every one of the 27 of you for sticking around, reading and contributing on this site. If you watched the game today you have a HUGE treat. What more could you want on a Sunday afternoon besides the Angels absolutely destroying the Astros??? This one is for you Halos:

Can you remember when the last time was that the Angels scored 14 runs in a game?? It wasn’t this year. It also wasn’t in 2017. Not once did the Angels score that many runs all year and they haven’t since July 2nd of 2016. But how did they do it??

First, they won this game with no help from the home plate umpires strike zone. Apparently even the umpires have turned against Cam Bedrosian because look at this George Springer walk, and especially pitches 2, 3, and 5 that were all called balls. Ouch.

There were plenty more examples, but let’s get back to the fun stuff, because 14 runs is the MOST the Astros have allowed all season.

David Fletcher had a 3 hit game in the 9 hole, raising his average from .253 to .273. He can think about what he’s done when he rides the pine tomorrow. Ian Kinsler had a 3 hit game as well - including a home run.

Kole Calhoun, Mike Trout, and Andrelton Simmons all had 2 hit games with Calhoun, Trout, and Upton all blasting home runs. Poor Jose Briceno was the only Angels starter to not get a hit - WWMD (What would Maldy do??). But he did at last have a sacrifice bunt.

The Angels scored in 6 different innings, even putting up a 7 spot in the 7th innings. Maybe I’m reaching, but if you can score runs equal to the inning number at any point after the 6th inning, I’m guessing you usually win those games.

How about that Ohtani walk followed by scoring on a hit and run play with Kinsler at the plate?

How about Mike Trout stealing another base?

How about that great start by Andrew Heaney, allowing one run over 6 innings?

How about Justin Upton hitting 20 home runs in a season for the 9th time in his career?

How about that batflip by Valbuena after hitting into a double play (oops - how did that get in here?)

How about that 7th inning when the Angels sent 11 batters to the plate?

Yeah this team has been frustrating at times but days like today remind us why we are still here. And to those of you NOT reading this because you have tuned out and DIDN’T watch this game, well, you missed out on one hell of a fun game.