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Sleepwalking through another loss

The Angels lose 4-2 to the White Sox

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles Angels
Oh noes!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

White Sox 4, Angels 2

The Angels stepped up to the late Tuesday night, and they lost again.

Carlos Rodon strolled into town, and he throws with his left hand, so it would in fact be a tough night for the Angels. One of the age-old questions of Major League Baseball has to be, “If you were Max Scherzer’s pitching coach and he was set to face the 2018 Angels in Game 7 of the World Series, would you advise him to pitch with his right hand or his left hand?” to which, the answer would be, of course, his left hand.

Because it was that kind of night, Rodon threw 5.2 no-hit innings before Andrelton Simmons hit a chopper up the middle and promptly got thrown out wandering too far off first. The Angels would finish with just 4 hits, none when they mattered.

Felix Pena had his best outing as an Angel, with the only bump along the road coming in the third inning, when the White Sox got two off him. He finished with a quality start, going six innings and allowing just those two runs.

Noe Ramirez, who probably doesn’t ever get two days off in a row, allowed another homer and a second run on a set of hits.

Albert Pujols and Justin Upton combined to go 0-8, including a lazy fly in the 8th inning when the Angels had their best shot with the bases loaded.

And finally, to cap off the night, Andrelton Simmons was nailed in the hand, but he was seemingly fine and stayed in the game. Of course, this means he will be placed on the DL, expected to miss the minimum amount of time, and require TJ surgery after a month of evaluating.

Good riddance.