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Angels Week 15 Rankings - Pitchers

The good, the bad, and the meh - 20K Heaney

Los Angeles Dodgers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

I’ll cover the entire 40 man roster and will split it between position players and pitchers (generally 20 or so guys on each list). Each week the list will change based on the past week’s performance - but also taking into account their performance year to date.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, scribblings on Cam Bedrosian’s Five Guys wrappers, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Matt Shoemaker’s beard.


Angels pitchers were.. well, alright last week. The bullpen held it together and pitched to a 3.44 ERA. Not amazing but not terrible either. Starters had a respectable 3.44 ERA as well. Imagine that? Yes, the bullpen AND starters had exactly the same ERA. Is it a sign? Perhaps. Let’s call it that shall we? After all, the Angels DID beat the Dodgers 2 games to 1 over the weekend.

Not on this list:

Alex Meyer, 60 day DL
Matt Shoemaker, 60 day DL
JC Ramirez, 60 day DL
Blake Wood, 60 day DL
Parker Bridwell, 7 day DL
Garrett Richards, 10 day DL
Jim Johnson, 10 day DL
Jake Jewell, 60 day DL


July 3rd Shohei Ohtani removed from 10 Day DL
July 3rd Miguel Almonte called up from Minors
July 3rd Eduardo Paredes sent to Minors
July 3rd Deck McGuire sent to Minors
July 4th Tyler Skaggs placed on 10 day DL
July 4th Garrett Richards recalled from Minors, rehab assignment
July 4th Deck McGuire called up from Minors
July 6th Oliver Drake purchased from Minors
July 6th Miguel Almonte sent to Minors
July 6th Jake Jewell transferred to 60 day DL
July 7th Nick Tropeano sent to Minors for rehabilitation

* Player is not on the active 25-man roster