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Angels lose to the terrible Rays and are terrible because they also lost the series

These are the same Rays who were DESTROYED by the worst team in baseball (Orioles) last weekend

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Two runs? That’s all this team could muster against a Rays pitching staff that has a 5.81 ERA over the past two weeks. A team that has given up 15 home runs and 71 total runs over a two week span.

Our hope rose early when red hot redhead Kole Calhoun launched his 14th home run in the first inning. That had to be a good sign right??

After the Calhoun smash, Mike Trout walked and stole second base - his 21st of the season. He looked like he was having a lot of fun and so were we. A few moments later, Trout was caught stealing second base and it all went downhill from there.

Nick Tropeano was holding his own but giving up a lot of solid contact. All that contact caught up with him when he gave up 3 runs in the 4th inning, including his 15th HR allowed through 69 innings. That is flat out terrible. No sugar coating it. Nope.

The Angels also scored a run in the 4th inning but it was all the offense they could handle apparently. Hey, it’s tiring scoring runs against a really bad team. To add to the misery, Willy Adames hit home run #16 off NiTro this season and he was done. The Rays would tack on 3 more runs in the 8th inning just for good measure and to really put this game to bed. Those 3 runs of course came from a 3-run homer brought to you by Hansel Robles who now sports a 4.50 ERA. Just the guy you want in the 8th inning.

Simmons had a 2 hit game and Trout and Fletcher went 0fer. Luis “show me the door” Valbuena managed to rack up 2 errors. This one was pretty ugly folks and now the Rays have a better record than the Angels (who are below .500 again). Cry yourself to sleep with that fact tonight.