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Francisco Arcia pitching debut breakdown

Arcia became the first position player since 1993 to pitch for the Angels

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Francisco Arcia is having himself quite the year. The 28 year old not only made his major league debut after 12 seasons, but he set a major league record of 10 RBIs in his first two games, and now has become the first position player EVER to pitch under manager Mike Scioscia. Chilli Davis in 1993 was the last Angels position player to pitch. Given this historic event, it’s worth taking a look at how Arcia did.

First, Arcia pretty much broke pitch tracking. Brooks baseball says all 8 of his pitches were “curveballs” with speeds ranging from 66.1 MPH to 73.4 MPH and another source says they were all sliders. Let’s take a look at pitch #1 where the camera was too busy watching Scioscia’s reaction than watching Arcia toss in a perfect 70 MPH gem on the inside part of the plate.

Pitch #2 - 73 MPH is no match for Khris Davis with an easy ground out to Andrelton Simmons.

Like a boss. This is Arcia after logging his first out as an MLB pitcher. Calm, cool, and collected. Khris Davis? No problem.

Matt Olson may have 22 home runs, but he couldn’t hit pitch #3 out of the infield as he pops up to Kaleb Cowart. Go ahead and look where this 68 MPH beauty was. It was pure paint on the inside lower corner of the plate.

Nick Tropeano is impressed with the pain job and out #2 but Andrew Heaney and Matt Shoemaker may be worried about their jobs based on their reactions.

Okay, he tried to ride pitch #4 up and in and missed. Everyone is allowed a ball once in a while.

Pitch #5 didn’t miss. Arcia with more paint, this time on the outside. Beautiful!

Pitch #6 should have been out #3 but Kaleb Cowart had an error on the throw, allowing Arcia’s first base runner.

Pitch #7 was a ball up and in again. No worries - he’s got this.

Pitch #8 was a change for redemption for Cowart and this time he came through. This 66 MPH pitch was no match for Chad Pinder. Easy ground out.

That’s one happy dude - and he should be. What a performance. Thanks for a fun ending to an otherwise crappy game!!