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Justin Upton lands on the DL with a finger laceration

The cut required 4 stitches

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Well this about sums up the Angels injury riddled season:

And oh - look who’s back! Hello Jabari. This should be fun.

Wondering how this happened? Was it a 5 star play in the outfield? Batting practice injury? Was he trying to save a drowning child in the river? Nope. Here it is:

You are on a 5 year / 106 million dollar contract and you can’t have someone wash your dishes for you? Geesh. It’s the first person I would hire.

Jabari Blash gets the call from Salt Lake, but don’t expect him to play much. Blash, who is just 2 for 23 with 14 Ks in the big leagues this year is mostly roster filler (and a stat padder for opposing pitchers). Cowart, Young, and Calhoun are holding down the outfield grass tonight and Mike Trout is back on Friday. Still, Blash will get some at bats so buckle up folks.