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Johnny Allstaff and JMF shut the Rangers down

On a routine bullpen day, the Angels’ entire pitching staff flirts with a no-hitter and instead settles for a 1-0 shutout.

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Okay. So it may not have been the combined no-hitter we were all on the edge of our seats for. Blake Parker did allow a baserunner via hit (two, actually), but the combined efforts of every reliever and their mother would take home the shutout 1-run win, the second such occurrence in the last 3 games.

Jim Johnson and Noe Ramirez started the game with a slightly-wild but effective first three innings, striking out 4, but giving up a combined 3 walks. The next six pitchers would follow that, however, with 0 walks and only the aforementioned singles by Parker. It may have been a tight score, but the game never really felt like it was all that close with David Fletcher converting 8 outs, and Kaleb Cowart and Andrelton Simmons doing the bulk of the defensive remainder.

Very few balls were hit hard, and those that were stayed on the ground.

Meanwhile, enemy Cy Rookie Sampson of the 54.00 ERA was giving up hard contact after hard contact. This would not help the Angels very much, but it felt satisfying to see almost every ball go a long way. Jose Miguel Fernandez would turn on one though and eliminate his first career major league home run to give the Angels the only run they would need on the night.

Trout never recorded an out for his part, but would connect only one time. This was the one and only other hit for the Angels in the game.

Despite the BABIP misfortune, Buttrey would not need any more assistance. He coolly induced ground ball after ground ball in the 8th and 9th. Cowart then made a fantastic pick and throw to first to end the only threat the Rangers ever had, and Andrelton Simmons made what is legitimately an impossible play.

One last thing that went under the radar— Joe Hudson had his first major league start today, and I guess he called one hell of a game. Fantastic job to the newbie with awareness, blocking wild pitches, and with getting the strike calls he should be getting. It’s just one sample, but a shutout in your first start is noteworthy.

Overall, this was just a good game. 4 hits between both teams, and it was still a solid effort. Let’s win the series tomorrow.