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Breaking down Hansel Robles’ nearly immaculate inning

Robles was one pitch away from the record books

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Hansel Robles was on fire. He nearly escaped the 9th inning with exactly 9 pitches which would have put him in the books as the 5th person to throw an immaculate inning this year. Turns out he threw 11 total pitches - all strikes - on the way to striking out 3 batters. Jed Lowrie was his lone mistake.

Over the 9th inning, Robles hit triple digits on his fastball, and generated 5 whiffs out of 6 swings. Sure he was helped a bit on one pitch (see below), but let’s break down his excellent outing.

Matt Joyce came in to pinch hit in the 9th. He Joyced himself!

Bringing the heat for strike #3 and strikeout #1

Robles set down Matt Chapman on a 3 pitch sequence that started with a slider on the corner and ended with a 100.2 MPH fastball.

Robles had a nice swing and miss out of Lowrie on his first pitch.

This outside heater was probably about where Robles wanted it but Lowrie was ready for it - and he ruined the potential immaculate inning with this single.

Robles struck out Khris Davis on a fastball, slider, fastball combo.

This slider was just nasty.

Robles painted the outside to end the inning and game with this 100 MPH heater.

Robles looked good and earned the save for his second outing in a row. It was also his first appearance this year in which every pitch he threw was a strike.