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Introducing the Angels 40-man roster subway map

Updated January 17th, 2019

Recently I was inspired by several SB Nation sites, including Bluebird Banter, to put together a 40-man roster but to do in the format of a subway map. In our case, the main loop of the subway map is round (a halo of course!), and connects every single player on the 40 man roster, as well as how we got them.

The spur routes that stem from the main red loop indicate players who used to be on the Angels but were traded away for players on the current roster. In some cases, like the Kinsler green line, we go a couple of trade deep. Any route that has more than one player will get a unique color. Routes with a single player will be gray.

Full resolution map here

Some notes on the route map:

  • The main red loop connects all players currently on the 40-man roster. These names are also all in bold. Players on 10-day DL are not marked in any special way. However, players on the 60-day DL are marked as per the legend, and are included on the map even though they don’t count toward the 40 player limit.
  • There is no specific order to the players as to where they are positioned on the loop.
  • Routes with more than one player will get a designated color. Routes with a single player will be gray.
  • If more than one player is involved in a trade and they were of the same transaction type, they will be grouped together. Example: Newcomb-Ellis-Aybar who were all acquired via the amateur draft, and were all sent to the Braves in the Simmons trade.
  • Only last names are used on the map for a cleaner appearance. If more than one player with the same last name appears, their first initial will be included.
  • Read all lines away from the main loop (inward or outward).
  • Any player who has a trade symbol (circle) without a connection, means they were acquired via a cash trade and/or PTBNL who has not yet been named.

This map will be kept up to date throughout the year. Bookmark this page to always have access to the latest version.