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HH Favorite Baseball Movie Round 1: The Sandlot vs. For Love of The Game

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hosts an Official Academy Screening of HIDDEN FIGURES Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Note: If you haven’t voted on the seventh matchup (Bad News Bears v. 61*), vote HERE

The American pastime has lent itself to countless films. But which one is the consensus favorite among the HH faithful? Let’s find out.

For this exercise, I’ve set up a 16 film bracket. To determine the films and seeding, I’ve crowdsourced rankings from Rotten Tomatoes, Ranker, and the ultimate authority on everything, Stirrups. Then I’ve added a dash of my own influence to include a couple of Angels-centric titles and make a bracket that makes sense.

Let’s get down to deciding.

The Sandlot is a classic tale combining baseball, childhood friends, and a hot lifeguard. Now 25 years old, it serves as a vehicle to make us all feel young at heart and for one last chance to go play outside with our friends.

For Love of the Game is the last Costner entry of this contest. Widely approved by audiences yet not critics, the Angels own Jose Mota makes an appearance behind Costner’s final pitching performance; one in which he attempts to work though both his life and the Yankees order.

Both are good for a baseball-less Saturday afternoon, but which moves on and which is sent packing?


Which Is Your Favorite Baseball Movie?

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  • 79%
    The Sandlot
    (204 votes)
  • 20%
    For Love of The Game
    (53 votes)
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