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Best Pitcher(s) You’ve Ever Seen Live

Minnesota Twins v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

A while back we took a look at the greatest position players the HH faithful have seen with their own eyes. It was an impressive list comprised of most of the best to play the game in the last 50 years or so.

Today we turn our attention to the mound. Who was the best you’ve seen live? For this, we could also expand to say who was the best on the day you saw them?

For example John Smoltz and Mariano Rivera are probably the two best pitchers I’ve ever seen but Weaver’s no hitter was the best pitching performance I’ve witnessed.

Outside of those, Roy Halladay threw an absolute masterpiece at the Big A one day. I’ve seen Verlander toy with hitters as he bounced between 98 MPH fastballs and his devastating change up that was about 15 MPH slower.

Old school, I saw Goose Gossage in SD and Hideo Nomo in his ROTY campaign.

And you?