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Angels reveal 2019 promotional giveaways

No Ohtani double bobble but there are other bobbleheads coming

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Yawn. January for a baseball fan. Ugh. Well, sleep no more! We finally have something to be excited about for 2019 - the Angels promotional schedule!!

I remain convinced based off other teams giveaways that the Angels promotional team is really just just some kid throwing darts at a wall - or they don’t really care since 3 million fans are going to show up anyway. Maybe a bit of both. Let’s take a look at the items for this year.

April 5th - Mike Trout Silver Slugger Bobblehead

This one is pretty cool. Going to be sure to get my hands on this one. Hard to go wrong with a bobblehead!!

April 19th - Shohei Ohtani Blanket

This one will be popular because Ohtani. It’s alright I supposed. Their other blanket giveaways have gotten some use from us.

April 30th - Shohei Ohtani Rookie of the Year Sweatshirt

This looks like the cheapest piece of crap sweatshirt I’ve seen. I hope I’m wrong but the picture looks terrible.

May 24th - Wookie Rally Monkey

I collect rally monkeys for my office, so I’m in. It’s not a season without at least one rally monkey giveaway.

June 7th - Leather Logo Hat

This looks like someone dyed a piece of paper brown, cut out an Angels logo and pasted it on this $2 cap. I’ll pass.

June 27th - Mike Trout Cooler Backpack

This will be cool (get it?) if it doesn’t leak. Most of these giveaway coolers they have done have been terrible and leak all over the place.

July 26th - “Tank Top”

Um, just a “tank top”? Really PR department? They really stretched for this one.

Other items of “interest”

Wall Calendar

Tote Bag

Clear Tote Bag

Cowboy Hat

Christmas Stocking

Beach Umbrella

Ohtani Bobblehead (no picture)

Trading Card Pack

Trout #27 Hat

Tie Dye Shirt

Trout #27 Duffle Bag

Trout Ducks Bobblehead (no picture)

Ohtani Shirt

Trout #27 Jersey

Some of these items above are great - like the bobbleheads of course. Some of them are a bit less inspired, and there are ZERO giveaway items this year that feature any player other than Ohtani or Trout. No Simba. No Heaney. No Pujols. Not even something for the new manager Brad Ausmus. I think a giant Ausmus head on a tshirt would have been pretty rad, but what do I know?

I’ve seen worse season of giveaways for the Angels and I rate 2019 as a C+. Nice effort PR team - you did just (questionably) above average!


Here are a few items the promo team missed out on:

Mike Trout #27 Oven Mitt

“#5” Walking Cane

Justin Bour Cake Icing