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Greatest Position Player(s) You Have Watched Play Live

Gary Gaetti Stealing Base

Inspired by an exchange with Designerguy, I wanted to start a thread to hear stories of the greatest players the Halos Heaven faithful have seen play in the flesh. We are a dedicated group of baseball fans, and some of you have shared some great stories in threads here and there.

Now, let’s here it. Who is the best you’ve ever seen live? No need to limit it to one player, either. Share a few if you have them, but limit this to position players. I will have a follow up for best pitchers coming soon.

Mike Trout is an obvious answer for most of us in the Angels back yard, and he’s likely going to end up my #1 if he isn’t there already. I’ve also seen Tony Gwynn, Andre Dawson, Ozzie Smith, and Barry Larkin from the last generation, and Jeter, Craig Biggio, and Griffey Jr. from the most recent generation.