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Angels to Extend Netting at Angel Stadium


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Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

The Angels are still reeling from losing out on Gerrit Cole to the New York Yankees, but that doesn’t mean baseball cannot go on as usual.

As a part of fan safety, Manfred has decreed that all stadiums extend their netting past the dugout for 2020.

For the Angels, this will mean coverage of netting from sections 109-127 up from 110-126. It will not, however cover the diamond boxes in these sections as they are behind the seats.

Sections 109-127 will now be covered in netting besides Diamond seats

This push to extend netting more has come at a backlash from some in the baseball community while others say it hasn’t gone far enough. Although most of the responses are satisfied with this in between solution, especially since some teams have made it pole to pole. The players want it, Manfred wants it, and so it will be implemented once again. Famously, Japan has much more netting than most MLB teams do and the fan experience there has not have any problems.

Overall it is another change at Angel Stadium that impacts few and if everyone else has to, Arte will comply.