Former Angel Farm-Hand - Bobby Jenks - A Memior

This is a very good read about former Angel farm hand Bobby Jenks went through after he signed with Boston before 2011, and how his career was derailed. Some of the problem issues were predictable - drugs and booze - but the reasons were not something you'd have expected.

Bobby Jenks - Scar Tissue

See, he was a man-child with the Halos. Drunk, disorderly, and someone that many found easy to write-off. But he turned into a World Series winning closer the second he left LAA. As he matured - his problems abated - and then came back in full force due to injury, depression, and a botched surgery.

This is a tough read - but worth it for those who remember the conversations about the bullpen pieces from the early 2000's who got away. I remember discussing what might have been if LAA would have kept Jenks, Turnbow, Gregg, and others.

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