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Catchers and Pitchers - Day 3 and Day 4 Camp Pictures, 2019

Feb 15-16, 2019

Here’ some more pictures from Camp in Tempe. Catchers and Pitchers on Friday. And here’s more from Saturday - Prospects, Pitchers and Catchers. There is a cameo of Ippei and his buddy Shohei, one of the best buddy duos for the Angels since Bo & Dean, Fregosi & Knopp, or Ryan & Tanana.

The key buddy duo in 2019 though in Anaheim is Heaney & Skaggs. If we’re bound for glory, it’s those two that will lead us there. They are solid enough, more than capable and so while there’s glimmer of hope that this pair can take down Boston, NYY, and Houston in 2019, I’m not sure how much I can emotionally invest. It’s not that I don’t love them: I do, but they’ve been around for awhile and kind of old hat -awesome, but are they awesome enough? Well now is the time to prove it! Best thing we can say about Spring 2019 is that they proved to be healthy last year, so finally we are without any lingering doubts that have accompanied previous years.

However truth be told, the new buddy duo I’m crushin’ on is Griffin Canning (#47) and Jose Suarez (#72), the new kids who are not expected to break camp with the big club and go onto the show in April. And neither looks like a dominating hurler as both aren’t even 6’0”. If they walked into a bar, I’d card them both.

Even Barria seems like a grizzled old veteran compared to these two but there’s the promise of something new! I’m excited to see them for the first time this spring.

So we have Heaney and Skaggs at the top, then the veteran Barria, and then give me Canning and Suarez! What’s that? The two other starting pitchers we’ve signed? Cahill and Harvey? Yeah ok, sure - but give me the kids.

On the relief end, here’s my summary - Buttrey looks awesome, Allen is a nice add and Noe cut his hair. Dillon Peters? Maybe - he’s easily identifiable (#52) but not physically imposing. We’ll see about the rest of them later.

And Friday we have some more pics of Ausmus and Paul, Arte and Mota. Billy Epp. A look in the team store and the college tournament this weekend started - Pepperdine jumped out in front of CSUB pretty quickly and harshly.

For all the talk about Ausmus being hands on, I haven’t seen it, but he’s managing the camp like a field manager and he’s doing a fine job it appears; he has to be feeling a bit more comfortable as things have been smooth. What I have seen of Brad is him wandering from group to group to group, checking things out, talking with the lads.... then moving on to the next group.

He’s running a smooth ship which after 19 years of the old regime is a mighty fine accomplishment. Now I expect things will continue to go smooth once position players arrive. Seriously, I’m impressed how seamlessly this is going, considering how much everything changed

At the end of the Friday, all the Angels pitchers gathered around Brad and Jonathan Lucroy. You have to look hard to see Lucroy in the middle of the scrum, but it basically looked like Lucroy/Ausmus were telling them pitchers this is how we’re gonna roll.

Saturday has some more from the lower fields. First Brandon Marsh in the batting cage and Jam Jones throwing. Then I watched Jo Adell and David Fletcher hit for awhile. There’s even a video of Adell hitting!

After that, Brandon Marsh came down to the field to hit and then a big group of prospects came out to hit the Field 6 for exercise. I wish I could identify some of them, especially the Bahamanians or Jordyn Adams/Jeremiah Jackson. Sadly they aren’t known to me yet, so if anyone can offer some assistance, it’d be much appreciated!

There seems there’s a lot more activity in minor league camp in February than I’ve ever seen, which has to be a good sign!

To finish, I went by the main practice fields again, but there’s only so many yoga pictures I’m willing to take. But I did see Keynan Middleton and JC Ramirez out today.

At the end, speaking of best buddy duos, that’s not just any Circle K. Less than 5 miles from the Tempe Diablo complex it’s the same one in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (corner of Southern and Hardy in Tempe)

Time flies when you’re having fun. Party on, dudes!