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Trout For Life!

Reports say $430 million over 12 years

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo Day Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Those sneaky LA Angels have done it again. Moments after telling everyone that nothing is going on, Mike Trout and Arte Moreno are reportedly inking a 12-year extension valued at $430 million.

Or, maybe more accurately, it’s merely a 10-year extension worth $363.5MM on top of the 2 years he has left at $66.5MM??

And the entire city of Philadelphia just lost their appetite. Some will spend weeks in mourning...some will get nasty right away...but expect now the pivot out of the entire state of Pennsylvania to be “good, now we can stop reading all this nonsense about him coming here and just go win championship after championship without him”...or...”he’s not that good, anyway”...or...”Trout knew he couldn’t handle the big time pressure of Philadelphia. Just look at his playoff stats.” And then, the entire baseball world from Yankee fans to Mariners fans to Astros fans to Red Sox fans to Phillies fans to Cubs fans and to the entirety of sports media, can all settle comfortably in and write that same wasting Mike Trout shit until Billy Eppler’s farm hands come riding in to raise the franchise.

By the numbers:

12 years at $430,000,000 is an AAV of $35,833,333. This is less than $1 million more than he will actually be paid in real cash in 2019. And ten years from now $35MM will seem like an average player salary. Arte Moreno now, and whomever takes control of the Halos later on, will retain BOTH the greatest player of his generation AND the financial flexibility to create a solid team out of those other 24 roster slots.

Using Trout’s seasonal averages, that’s $50,398 per PA for life...$60,837 per At Bat...$4197,974 per hit...$968,468 per home run. And Mike Trout knows how to rain home runs...It’s “just under $100,000 a day. That’s over $4,000 an hour. $69 a minute (nice). A dollar every second”.

According to Bill Shaikan, there are NO opt outs. This is Halo For Life stuff.

When he is done, Trout will have earned $577.85MM, The most by any athlete in American history..........

Enjoy Philly as you recruit away, Bryce Harper..........I know how well you take the news when things don’t go your way..........