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Trevor Cahill will start opening day for the Angels

Umm. Yep. It’s Cahill

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I know everyone is still super excited about the Mike Trout contract extension but it’s time to come back to reality a bit. While other teams have Cy Young candidates as their opening day pitcher, this news just broke:

Yep, it’s just a little come back down to earth moment for everyone. The Angels rotation? Still shaky. A few months ago we didn’t even have Cahill and Harvey and now they will be the first two starters of the season.

Here is some recent history on opening day starters:

Opening Day Starters

Year Pitcher
Year Pitcher
2019 Cahill
2018 Richards
2017 Nolasco
2016 Richards
2015 Weaver
2014 Weaver
2013 Weaver
2012 Weaver
2011 Weaver
2010 Weaver
2009 Saunders
2008 Weaver

Jeff Fletcher also reported that Matt Harvey will be on the bump for the Home Opener.