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Mike Trout and Andrew Luck star in a hilarious new spot for BODYARMOR

Groovy baby, yeah!

Have you heard about BODYARMOR sports drink yet? If not, where have you been??

Well, BODYARMOR just released this hilarious spot and you have to check it out:

Some BODYARMOR details and info about this new spot:

BODYARMOR’s is the Official Sports Drink of the NCAA and March Madness.

In 2018, BODYARMOR was a $400+ million retail brand. (hey that’s the value of the Mike Trout contract!!)

BODYARMOR is the fastest growing sports drink in the category.

Kobe Bryant is currently the number three shareholder in BODYARMOR.

And as a personal reference - this is the only sport drink I (and most of my team) use when we go to softball tournaments. So check out the drink. Or don’t - and just enjoy this great spot :)