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Thor’sLinks: DIY Linkage Day - Happy Opening Day!!!

YOU get to takeover, while AYE get to go pirating around the Carribean...

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Day 5 of DIY Links. Get yourself ready for the regular season. Earn yourself a roster spot, maybe even as a starter!

Real life has called me away. There shall be music. There shall be dancing. There shall be adventure. There shall be romance. There shall be beverages. There shall be hoping that you people do not fail me in my absence. (No. Just kidding. You are cool and all, but I won’t be thinking about HH while challenging the winds across the Carribean Ocean.

But, yes, you are official up to bat.

I will be back for Monday, April 1. Until then, get at it.

And, as usual, don’t be shy. Follow the site rules. Feel free to render an opinion on your find.

I challenge you to match my normal output.

Ready? Set. Go!