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Angels end up on the receiving end of a Texas slugfest

It was an ugly Monday

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Angels 7 Rangers 12

Many Angels fans, myself included, felt pretty confident going into this game. While I didn’t expect a sweep, Trevor Cahill had been pitching well, Mike Trout was back in the lineup, and the Angels had already beat Shelby Miller, a pitcher who hadn’t even thrown more than 3.2 innings in his pair of starts.

It wasn’t a total loss, at least for a few innings, as the Angels got off to a hot 3 run start in the top of the 1st. All signs were pointing to a great game for the Halos. Trevor Cahill looked good albeit a little shaky, and he did give up a run in the 2nd. The Angels would put one more on the board and had a decent lead of 4-1 going into the bottom of the 3rd. According to Fangraphs, they had a 75.7% of winning the game at that point. Hooray!! But Fangraphs apparently hasn’t met the 2019 Angels and I’m pretty certain those odds don’t account for people named Bedrosian who are still sitting in the bullpen.

Shin-Shoo Choo and Joey Gallo both tagged Cahill for homers in the 3rd inning and then we had a tie ball game.

The wheels fell off in the 5th inning when our perhaps our least favorite pitcher Topsoil entered the game. Giving up a double to the lead off hitter was just a sign of things to come. Topsoil would end up getting 2 outs but he gave up 4 runs and threw 34 pitches before Brad Ausmus finally pulled him in favor of Jake Jewell. With a score of 8-5, Topsoil put this game out of reach.

Way to paint the middle Cam!

Not be outdone, Jake Jewell gave up 3 more runs in the 6th because why not put this game completely out of reach? Mission accomplished.

Mike Trout was walked 3 times tonight, because why bother pitching to him?

Perhaps the worst part of this game is that every single Angel got on base at least once and they still lost by scoring 7 runs. Remember when the bullpen was good? Yeah, they were too good. It was bound to come crashing down. You might want to let your monthly f bomb fly for this post game, but remember we play the Yankees in a week, so plan accordingly.


Blame of the Game?

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    Greg Gibson’s "strike zone"
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    The Bullpen
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  • 64%
    Cam Bedrosian
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  • 13%
    Game mismanagement (Ausmus)
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