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Angels, Pujols turn impressive Trevor Cahill showcase into frustrating 2-1 affair

At least it can’t get any worse— Oops! Spoke too soon.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

There was so much positive to take away from this game! Despite Luis Garcia making mistake pitch after mistake pitch, practically double-dog daring the Mariners offense to do something with his meatballs, I swear on my life that this post-game was going to be uplifting and predict brighter days ahead!

Trevor Cahill was a gosh darn beast tonight. He earned every bit of a win tonight and instead came away with a no decision. But man. Everything was breaking beautifully, generating tons of whiffs, and getting popped up and grounded to infielders. It almost felt like he was pitching to the Angels. He arguably threw one of the best outings of the season for an Angels starter thus far and earned many fans along the way. He also made a sensational jumping catch from a Mallex Smith chopper that prevented further damage than the single run he allowed.

Jonathan Lucroy also did thing after thing. He was responsible for a laser automatic double over Mallex Smith’s head, squeezed out a single up the middle, and almost eked out two other hits. It is my personal opinion that he should be moved to first because his bat has made him invaluable the past week. We don’t talk about his glove behind the plate though. We just don’t.

Mike Trout was on base twice and made a great diving catch. Andrelton Simmons had some encouraging batted ball action. Kevan Smith is apparently really fast for a catcher. Kole Calhoun was able to move a batter over. Luis Garcia shouldn’t have been pitching there of course, but you can see how his high velocity helps mask his multitude of mistakes. I could see light at the end of the tunnel! This was going to be such a positive post-game.

Albert, you screwed up. It is one thing to let the Dee Gordon double get by you the way it did. I understand that the shift is sort of responsible. But how can someone not watch that 1st-and-3rd 1-out strikeout and not want to puke their brains out? How can I be expected to come away bullish on the Angels when I get gored by such creative ways of losing? Everyone is more dead inside for having watched that plate appearance.

This team is now 1-5, and no amount of logic will convince me that this isn’t the worst team in baseball right this exact moment. There is one thing going for them right now though. They are tied for the number one overall pick next year with the defending World Series champion Red Sox.