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Brian Goodwin makes another badloss bearable, Bour tries to bury lede

Two lefties slugged while the lineup slouched in 7-5 game that wasn’t nearly as close as the score implies.

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Justin Bour hit a Grand Slam when the Angels were down 7-1. We appreciate what you did and your efforts to improve.

Now, to business. Brian Goodwin has earned an updated write-up. Arguably one of the sparkliest and most-handsome gems at the bottom of the dumpster, Billy Eppler really outdid himself with this one.

Right here and now, he is easily the best player on the team. Mike Trout is likely still battling to get back to where he was, and no one else is remotely close to the bearded left fielder in terms of offensive production. It is bananas what he has been doing.

He is slashing .361/.437/.623. His OPS is steadily approaching 1.100 (which Trout is also approaching, but backward), his batting average continues to skyrocket, and he is walking at an impressive clip while carrying a career low in strikeout rate. In terms of wRC+, he is sporting a Troutian 183.

Look at this. This is the leaderboards for AL batting average with at least 70 PA (as Goodwin is literally 3 shy of qualifying).

Before his 8th inning strikeout against really good reliever, Cessa, he was 4th (and 7th in all of the majors). Of the above 5 players, his OBP only trails Carlos Santana, who also happens to be one of only two players since 2012 with a higher walk rate than Mike Trout. Goodwin is playing at elite levels.

And up until Chad Green utterly collapsed and allowed that base-clearing touch-em-all to Justin Bour (who, yet again, we appreciate), Brian Goodwin also happened to be the only run the Angels scored on this fateful evening.

In fact, he was the only Angels hitter tonight to get extra bases off of Yankees ace-level starter Domingo German, who had as free of a W tonight as is possible in that he was against Chris Blanton— excuse me, Chris Stratton. And for that matter, Goodwin would get two-baggers twice.

The Angels lost the battle 7-5, but it feels like they’ve won the war on left field. It may be hard to imagine Justin Upton being without a job, so Kole Calhoun might need to start stepping it up or risk losing the role of left-handed outfield bat.