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Retaliation falling out of favor with the masses: 60% say never okay to intentionally hit batter

The poll comes after Tim Anderson was thrown at for a bat flip.

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Washington Nationals v San Francisco Giants
Big oof.
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Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across MLB. Each week, we send 30 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Angels fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

After Tim Anderson pimped a home run against the Kansas City Royals, Brad Keller threw at him in his next at-bat. So FanPulse asked MLB fans if it was ever okay for a pitcher to bean a batter.

Although it’s not a decisive win for either side, 60% do feel that it is never okay for a beaning.

Are you confident in the direction of the Angels?

69% Yes (down from 87% last week)

31% No

Do you approve of the job manager Brad Ausmus has done?

61% Yes (down from 94% last week)

39% No

Big Brain Brad took a hit this week with some of his questionable moves, namely the pinch hitting fiasco on Saturday. Note that this poll was sent before the Angels ran out of position players on Monday. We may see another drop next week.

Angels fans were also asked:

What is your view of the Angels’ offseason?

Good 3%

Could have been better 81%

Terrible 17%

Here are some of the fan answers:

“I would not have overpaid for has-been pitchers with little chance for a bounce back. The money would have been more wisely spent pursuing a top candidate or on cheap mid-to-back end rotation stop-gaps.”

“Surely we needed one better starter, and at least one more for depth.”

“Filled one of our many position player holes with a long-term solution instead of stop gaps that we’ll have to fill again next year if none of our prospects pan out.”

“The Angels filled too many holes with mediocre players. They should have filled just a couple holes with impact players and rounded it out with minor league guys.”

“Gotten a pitching coach that had pitched in the majors and two batting coaches, they weren’t known for their hitting in the big leagues. Ausmus, isn’t the answer now, I said before that he was doing a good job. Now he shows why the Tigers got rid of him. But, the great news is that the Angels will get a very high draft choice next year.”

“Spend more conservatively on FA pitching. Harvey, Allen, and even Cahill don’t look good given the cost. There were cheaper alternatives who wouldn’t be worse and resources could have been used for a more rounded roster.”

“I’d look to win now while we wait on the farm system by signing available free agents to 1 - 3 year deals. There were several free agents that would have been significant upgrades over who is on the field now for the Angels. A few are still unsigned.”

If you didn’t sign up for this week’s survey but would like to join us for future ones, sign up at the link above. We’ll have more results next week!