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David Fletcher takes matters into his own hands to prevent Yankees sweep

Fletch is sick and tired of your pitching.

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Angels 11 Yankees 5

The Angels managed to salvage the final game of a pathetic homestand. The offense combined to slaughter Masahiro Tanaka, led by a vengeful David Fletcher who would drive in 5 runs. It wouldn’t matter that Cahill was shaky and Cody Allen was worse tonight. As he said in his postgame interview, “I’ve had quite enough of your garbage, pitching staff.” I may have paraphrased.

The game started as poorly as you might expect. The Angels wouldn’t have their first hit of the night until the 4th inning, and the Yankees were already scoring by then, using any means necessary.

Tyler Wade would manufacture a run in the 3rd, via infield single and two consecutive stolen bases to embarrass Lucroy. The next inning, Gio Urshela, who is suddenly an Angel killer, would blast a home run to left field. And in the 5th, Cahill would complete his horrific transformation from starting pitcher into flaming paper bag of doodoo. Justin Anderson would come in to stamp out the fire, but not before leaving the front porch that was this game looking awfully crappy. The Yankees now led 4-0.

The mess would be dealt with swiftly and handily though, as Tommy La Stella and Kole Calhoun both followed the abominable top half of the inning with 2-run shots apiece. The game was now tied, and not one of us was unprepared for the buttercup. This collapse was not to be, however.

Tanaka, who had mostly thrown a pretty okay game outside of those two mistake pitches, would make a critical mistake. He forgot that he was in pinstripes and not in Angel red, and walked two batters in the same inning. Understandable, but costly. He would be replaced by Jonathan Holder for the mental error, David Fletcher would step up to the plate.

As the pinnacle of power on this team, it is certainly no surprise to any of us that David Fletcher would drive in two runs off of a feeble-minded and mortal tandem such as the likes of Holder and Gary Sanchez. Thus, Sanchez would let the ball scoot by him and Fletcher would drive in both Brian Goodwin and Tommy La Stella.

Now, I have a question: if you’re in a situation where you have a pretty good chance at seeing David Fletcher again the next inning, why do you pull Stephen Tarpley out (regardless of how bad he is) in favor of a Harvey? David Fletcher didn’t even need his infinite wisdom and omnipotence to triple off such a poorly thought out last name, clearing the bases, and securing the series as a less-than-total failure.

It’s getting downright unfair, employing the epitome of excellence as a super-utility on this team. Hopefully teams don’t wise up and start pitching around this guy.


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