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MondoLinks: DIY Day!

Surprise! I am still sipping mai tais on the beach and YOU get to share the MLB news today.

MLB: New York Yankees at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


It’s that weekend that comes late every month when yours truly is consumed by sunrises rising off the mountains of the Central California coast, and the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. And nothing in between. And all is blissfully made perfect by my own world-famous cocktail recipes.

So YOU, my friends, are honored this morning to share the news of the weekend with your fellow readers. Except for gitchogritchoffmypetis. Your job, as usual, is to mock everybody. It’ll make all those lurkers from the other AL West fan bases who come here to learn something, feel better about themselves.

I’ll be back to restore order tomorrow. Probably sober. For a change.

Be pros!